"Aux deux marées" is located in a migratory bird sanctuary.

In spring, the spectacular arrival of thousands of geese can be seen from mid-april to the end of may. Come and take advantage of our special rates.

The  beautiful scenery as the ice melt on the St. Laurence River an exciting opportunity for photographers.

Kayaking, golf and for the more courageous, swimming.

In autumn the geese  leaving for the south are more numerous than in spring. Sea eagle, dabbling ducks, Spotted Sandpipers, Killdeer and over 1800 Sandpipers, including more than 300 individual Semipalmated Sandpipers are other species observed in the area. Of course fall colors are not to be missed. You can take advantage of our fall reduced rate.

And of course in winter you can stay warm and enjoy the scenery, the mountains, the ice on the St. Lawrence river and the sunsets. We welcome snowmobiler with direct access to the trails. Other trails are available for crosscountry skiers, snowshoeing and hiking.